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The primary vision of Texture Press is to increase international cultural literacy through literature and education.

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tP began publishing chapbooks, broadsides, and photography in 1989. Many are now in the small press and special collections of universities, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Brown University, Stanford University, SUNY-Buffalo, University of Connecticut-Storrs, Harry Ransom Library (University of Texas-Austin), and Ohio University.

Authors and contributors include Rochelle Owens, Mark Wallace, John Bennett, Valerie Fox, Evald Flisar, Karl Young, Renee Ferrer, Susy Delgado, Luisa Moreno, Buck Downs, Jack Foley, and many more.

Texture (the magazine) had a run of 5 issues. tP publications include chapbooks, monographs, and full-length collections of poetry, plays, short fiction, and essays.

Awards received by the press include:

Susan Smith Nash, author of Leadership and the E-Learning Organization

Our Partners

tP has been supported by the Light & Dust Mobile Anthology of Poetry, edited by Karl Young.

First Light: An Anthology of Paraguayan Women Writers, which features the short stories and poetry of 25 Paraguayan authors, is maintained on the web by the Light & Dust Mobile Anthology of Poetry here.

Slovenian literature is a focus of tP, and in addition to publishing the work of Evald Flisar, the press will be publishing essays, fiction, and poetry by Slovenian writers.

The Staff

Executive Editor: Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.

Associate Editor: Valerie Fox, Ph.D.

Special Fiction Editor: Nathan Leslie

Publicity / Public Relations Manager: Arlene Ang

Twitterverse: Rose Hunter

Texture Press
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